Attorney Carter Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in 2014 谋杀 Case

Attorney Carter Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in 2014 谋杀 Case

With the experienced and skilled legal assistance of our founding attorney, 格雷戈里问. Carter, a man charged with the second-degree 谋杀 in the 2014 slaying of a 35-year-old Domino’s driver was 发现无罪 by a 伟德体育官方登陆 jury in a 10-2 vote this past Thursday (五月 17). 此外, Shane Hughes, 20, was also acquitted in the armed robbery of a woman in her Uptown driveway the previous day the 谋杀 occurred.

However, the jury was hung on a second charge of the armed robbery of pizza delivery driver, which prosecutors claim occurred in connection with his 谋杀. The District Attorney’s Office said it plans to re-try Hughes 在充电.

Hughes and Rendell Brown were both 16 at the time of each incident, and both were on electronic ankle monitors in connection with juvenile offenses. Brown pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other counts in 3月 in exchange 被判40年监禁.

In their closing statement at trial, the prosecution told the jury that it was implausible that Hughes coincidentally was involved in two serious 犯罪. They claimed that Hughes was still an active participant in each criminal offense, despite not having a gun.

Yet, Attorney Carter—along with another defense attorney, John Fuller—told jurors that while his ankle monitor data showed Hughes was at the scenes of both 犯罪, he had failed to actually play a role in either case. The data from ankle device determined that Hughes was leaving the scenes 当犯罪发生的时候.

“He could not have committed this crime, and he literally was not there at the time the 谋杀 took place,” said Attorney Carter said 在提倡. “They literally give a latitude and longitude down 七位数. 这不是猜测.”

He explained that Brown’s ankle monitor showed he was in the 2800 块圣. Louis Street for three minutes—from 11:58 p.m. 直到 午夜. By contrast, Hughes’ monitor showed he was walking past 当时的block.

The killing of the pizza deliveryman, who was also a French Quarter karaoke DJ, and the subsequent arrest of two 16-year-olds gained local media attention. Carter said he appreciated that the jury was able to look past the strong 这个案子引发了人们的情绪.

“When you look at the case and realize that the District Attorney’s Office, for four years, has had ankle monitor information that showed my client wasn’t at the scene of the 谋杀 at the time it took place…there’s no reason he ever should have been in jail, and there’s certainly no reason the jury would have come back guilty,” 他解释说.

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